Queen Anne’s Lace

EDIT: When I originally posted this, I used a word for “unwanted plant” in the title…  and now Google thinks this is a page for a different subject entirely (you figure it out - I’m not typing it again)… Anyhow - I know now that this is Queen Anne’s Lace. 

I found it in an apple orchard. This is about three inches (8 cm) across. The stalks were about three feet (90 cm) tall… maybe a little shorter? If you know what it is, leave a note, eh?

I have to admit, I really like this photo. I upped the saturation just a tiny bit in the treatment below. I think the results were great.

Click the thumbnail below for full size:


  1. # 1 fan says:

    looks like a dandelion on steroids

  2. Shane @ Photography By Shane says:

    I wasn’t going to leave a comment, but as I’m Canadian the “eh?” compelled me to do so!

    I like this one James. I have no idea what it is, but I like the way the background interacts with the subject: makes it look “creepy”.

  3. maybe it is Herba Taraxaci

  4. DB says:

    this is one of the plant type like aamankku, which is grow dry lands, great photography.

  5. Alan @ Locksmith Auckland says:

    Since you brought this up into the foray, we should name it after you :D no offense meant. Just trying to leverage the situation.. he he.. and James did you notice the power of 50mm in this pic? Long live primes.

  6. Jesika @ Austin renovations says:

    Nice thing dude.It’s spacious features looks very beautiful.I also want to made this for my computer. Please give me the full size photo thus I can use it.You can upload it in flicker.

  7. I particularly like the desaturated colours in this picture - it gives the plant a metallic feel almost as if it were a man made object that has been left to rust. I’m going to guess an aperture of f2.8 for this shot? Great picture you’ve portrayed it in a really unique light.

  8. Great photograph, what lens did you use?

  9. James Lee says:

    My nifty-fifty - Nikkor 50mm f/1.8.

  10. Nick @ Kollagen Intensiv says:

    You definately have a way with pictures. How something so simple can look so beautiful.

  11. I agree with “fan#1″ it’s a dandelion on steroids, or it just really ate its fruits and vegetables when its mom told it to. But as the years went on and the hard winters took a toll on it, it ended up looking like this at old age. Besides that, great photo, as always. I’m such a fan of all your pictures :)


  12. James Lee says:

    Thanks, Taylor.

    It was good to look at this again… I’ve since learned that it is Queen Anne’s Lace.

  13. dan @ photographer in kent says:

    Great shot. I see alot of these plants out walking the dog, not too sure what they are.

  14. Assaf @ Practical Cures says:

    Great photo. It looks like a piece of art made by a talented artist… well, thinking of it, isn’t nature the most talented artist? But you definitely grasped a beautiful image of it.
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