Product shots: Tretorn Shoes

I’m not a complete  Tretorn shoes fanboy, but there are some that I really like.  Here are a half dozen shots I recently took. Especially my orange hightops (not pictured here).

What do you think? Any of these a winner?


  1. Keith Davis says:

    Hi James
    Came over from Ryan’s site via your comment - wondered what a man wearing a suit and tie blogged about.
    Total surprise, stunning photographs of shoes, boots, wellingtons.
    Makes my snaps look pretty amateur.
    Being able to make footwear look sexy has to be an art form.
    I’m guessing that you didn’t get those great effects with a point and shoot camera.

    BTW - love the frog.

  2. so, where’s the pic of the “epic” orange shoes :)
    I’m still waiting for a casual day Gomez pic, too….. ;)))))))))))))))))

  3. Ryan Cowles says:

    I like the third picture the best. The other shots are nice, but I find the wood floor pattern takes away from the product a little bit. In the first shot, is that bokeh natural or edited? Either way, it looks nice and draws the eye to the product.

  4. The third shot is good…the shoes are clearly seen against the dark background…

  5. James, The picture of the purple tretorn shoes is amazing.. it needs a elegant glittery backdrop and a charming caption. I wish you can sell the pic right away for huge bucks 😀 I glanced through other photos of yours and found that you dont do much of portraits and product clicks.. any particular reason brother?

  6. @Keith - Thanks! I blog about auto glass for work, but that’s not as, um, artistically satisfying as this is. :) I shoot a Nikon D90. These images were all with a 50mm lens attached.

    @#1 - Epic shoes deserve epic treatment. I will include them here some day.

    @Ryan - Too true, my friend. That’s part of why I am building that studio in the basement…

    @Paul - I’m just too much of a novice to ask people to let me take their portrait. I love portraiture, and it intimidates the hell out of me, quite frankly… I spend a lot of time fumbling with the controls still. As my skill develops, you will see more images with people here.

  7. The third shot is the one for the above mentioned reasons. When you get your studio finished invest in a light that you can use a gobo. This will give you more creative lighting options. Soft boxes and umbrellas are nice, but some times you may want to break the light up a bit. A two to one or three to one lighting ratio would add a little more definition and character to a shot like this. As with anything these are just my opinions… you’re on the right track. Best regard’s, Jeff

  8. nice shots. 4th and 5th look like Geico commercial :)

  9. the 3rd and 4th ones are my favourite.

  10. I don’t know if I liked the sneakers more of the photographie. Either way loving the shoes.

  11. The pictures are really great. The colors are so clear and it makes all the shoes look even better. I love the pink shoes, I am still looking for shoes just like that.

  12. The photos are very attractive as well as the shoes!

    I love the first one though! :)

  13. #4 looks great. Any idea as to the price?

  14. S. Jared says:

    shoes in the 3rd & 4th pic i liked them. 3rd pic shoes have a unique pattern, hence they become a gr8 winner

  15. Thanks again for all the comments.

    Pricing - Tretorn shoes aren’t always available here in the USA, more so in Europe. Find out more at

  16. Gotta love the boots. Those bring me back to the days of elementary school and I’m glad they are back in style.

  17. haha, i actually though the animal in the 4th picture was real :)) but than at a second look, i noticed it was plastic. Good quality on the pics.

  18. Hi dude, I loved your black tretorn high tops shoes in special. It is stylish and elegant out of all in my opinion. By the way where did you get these boots? And where are the orange high tops shoes? I am pretty eager to see the orange high top shoes. Please post that in your site to satisfy my expectation. Finally the red tretorn shoes were so fun. Enjoyed your post and a good post overall. Thank you!

  19. The boots are available at - I don’t think the orange shoes were ever sold publicly… but this is a good reminder that they’re overdue for some photos. I think now that I have red, orange, and yellow leaves in my yard, the time has come.

  20. Hey, I liked the first one shoes, very nice post and this post bring me back to my childhood. Thanks for sharing this post.



  21. I see your shoes a very cute one. I love the quality.

  22. Just wanted to say thank you! We used the last picture in a blog post on the importance of putting things away, right away. (The stacked boots just scream “organized.”)

    Thanks again.

  23. This is an awesome variety of shoes.

  24. I say winner! If I had a shop I would ask you to take pictures of my products for an online store.

  25. Stephan Berglund says:

    Love the pic with the gecco :-) That’s what makes an image pop, really…


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