Nikon D90

Substantial thanks to Mom and Dad, whose Christmas gift made this possible. Love you both - with or without the camera, of course.


  1. greenlants says:

    Nice, a picture of a camera. :D lol Was this also taken with your cell phone camera, or an older one you had? I’ve never owned a camera this nice, I’m sure you’re very happy with your parents right now :P The most expensive camera I’ve owned is my $119 Casio, and I’m sure a lens for your Nikon would cost just as much. Congrats!

  2. Mom&Dad says:

    You’re welcome! We are really glad this is something you’re enjoying. Reminescing about your dad’s first Nikkormat “back in the day”. This blog is a lot of fun and we enjoy seeing all your great pics. Spreading the luv :) ))) and virtual hugs.

    • greenlants says:

      That is AWESOME that you would take the time/show interest in your sons’ hobbies and come comment on his blog. Very nice parents indeed :D (I wonder if my parents would ever do that…. ::dials the phone:: )

      • J's mom says:

        Well, thank you GL, for that nice compliment :) I’m also James’ “# 1 fan” and this blog is a wonderful way to connect with some of his life ‘back East’ in the current ice and snow. I trust your parents are interested in what you enjoy as well…. I mean, there’s a lot of books on his shelves (or bedside table) I might not enjoy, but there’s a few we share interest in that arena as well. And can he bake some fabulous bread (too bad, Jim, you couldn’t have a slice of that beautiful loaf) and well as other culinary and gastronomic feats of feast and flavor. So, yeah, I enjoy being a benefactor of his hobbies! In return, maybe he’ll post a pic of himself & Gomez in tee shirts…. hint, hint, James, he could wear the Gomez Rulz one, if you scrunch it up in back. Maybe.

  3. Gomez @ windshield appointment says:

    Can’t wait to have my portrait taken!
    .-= [email protected] appointment´s last blog ..Florida autoglass and windshield update =-.

  4. Ooh, very nice. My stepdad has this camera. He doesn’t use it to its full potential but it takes amazing pictures. First time commenter here. I subscribed and will be following your development as a photographer! I used to have a Canon Rebel xTi myself, but have since sold it. Now I use the d90 whenever I can :)
    .-= [email protected] Latex Mattresses´s last blog ..Latex Foam Mattresses =-.

  5. James says:

    Josh - cool, welcome, glad you found the site.

    I have an auto glass blog that I manage… I imagine writing for a latex mattress blog has to be at least as challenging as writing about auto glass on a daily basis! It’s gotten to the point that I write for every author that was supposed to be writing there… so you see different by-lines, but it’s almost all me. Good luck to you!

    Yeah, the D90 is fantastic. I am woefully uneducated… but through trial and error, reading the books, and taking some classes, it will get better!

  6. camera trick says:

    A nice picture of a camera! What did you use to take it? My brother has the same camera and i love it.

  7. James says:

    Was a Sony DSC-W290. Here’s the details


  1. Moon says:

    [...] Regular readers (viewers?) of this blog will know how frustrated I was with my previous camera(s). After losing my Pentax, I tried a Fuji and Sony, and kept finding my iPhone to be superior to these point-and-shoot cameras. After considering many models by both Canon and Nikon, I chose the Nikon D90. [...]

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