Eight Toadstools


Taking a trip back in time. Today I’m visiting September, when these mushrooms grew. Can you spot them all?

Rare New Hampshire Sunset

New Hampshire sunset

A rare spectacular sunset taken in Raymond, New Hampshire

Fork Reflections


From the Gaslight Restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Detail of a fork on a copper table.

Minnie Mouse


Snowy Maple Macro


A single branch from a maple tree is crusted in snow.

Snow Garden

Snow Garden

A trellis and garden shed made in the shape of a normal distribution curve stand under a fresh blanket of snow.

Orange PUMA Penguin


The Puma Store Penguin, highly sought after, but rarely seen outside of the retail establishment. Meet Pepe.

Black cat with green eyes

black cat

Muffet, a black cat with green eyes, is ready for his close up.

Snow dunes


After almost a foot of snow, it rained…

Old school lights

school lights

Another entry for the photo scavenger hunt, I thought I’d take a play on the words when assigned “Old school lights” for one of my entries.