Archives for December 2009

Home Depot’s shopping cart shame

An open letter to Home Depot on their decision to place their employees’ convenience above their disabled customers.

Be careful what you wish for!

I wished for snow. Later, I was sorry… the snow plows didn’t even come close to clearing the road.

The snow begins

The first big snow storm of the year begins in New England, 2009.

Clohn Art

Clohn Art is the name of the brand artist John Lee has developed.

Broken furnace

My house in Chester got really cold when the furnace broke. Because I was trying to save the planet, I didn’t notice at first.

Snow covered gooseberries

A group of gooseberries is covered with the first snow in southern New Hampshire.

Snow and dandelion

A dandelion on the day of the first real snow of the season is covered with melting snow.

Full moon, oak trees, and clouds

Continuing to play with the camera during the full moon, this picture is from my back yard. The tripod made a world of difference.

Brown Eggs

A small grouping of brown eggs from a Virginia Mennonite farm.

Moonlight and Steeple

Another photo from Lexington, VA; a moonlit night and church steeple.