Orange PUMA Penguin

These penguins can be seen at your local PUMA store. People are going nuts over these penguins, but they are impossible to purchase.

I shall call him… Pepe.


  1. chilly willy says:

    Pepe should be right at home in your “cold house” 50 degree house…. or the “sun room”, where it’s probably 32 on a cloudy day… frolicking in the snow dunes… skating on the frozen marsh… etc. He looks a bit frozen already :) )

  2. The thing I like the most about your photo is how the penguin looks like he’s covered in wet paint.

  3. Myles says:

    That sucks, you can’t buy em? my friend is a penguin fanatic and he’d love to have one of those in his house.

  4. lex says:

    Can you please email me and tell me how you got yours? I have been trying to get my local store to sell me one for months …

  5. James says:

    Unfortunately, the only thing I know to tell you is to marry a PUMA employee.

    Worked for me, at least… ;-)

    • Brandon says:

      Well then you should put in the word for those to go onsale to the public, puma would make a fortune off of em.

  6. lynne @ Lemax says:

    That is adorable, but why are people going nuts over these? What am I missing?

  7. It’s funny penguin! I want it in my collection!

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