Starting the garden

My sister gave us Barbara Kingsolver’s excellent Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life last year. It’s an exceptional book. Among its messages is a nice assessment of the amount of calories that must be expended to bring a single calorie to your dinner table. It’s a lot more than you’d think. As a New Hampshire resident, I’m appalled when I see advertisements for happy cows making the best cheese. I don’t think New Hampshire cows are grumpy (except when some city-dweller with a deer rifle gets confused during hunting season), and I doubt throwing California cheese in the back of a truck and hauling it several thousand miles makes for a better cheese eating experience.

I digress… this post is not about cheese.

Instead, it’s about our first garden.

We started with several types of tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and peppers. We have beets, parsnips, carrots, and radishes going, and a slew of herbs, too. We’re planning on a raised bed garden, with containers on the deck for the tomatoes & peppers.Yesterday and today we planted seeds in indoor “greenhouse” trays to start the germination process. As the climate is so cold here, we have our 122 seedlings in training sitting on a germination mat in the sun room. We don’t heat that room except during our morning coffee, so the danger of freezing indoors has not yet passed!

Stay tuned - will update here on our progress.


  1. Funny blog. Definately coming back to see how the cheese…. ahem… I mean garden is doing.

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