One of the lambs now living at J & F Farms. They sound almost fake when they “baaaaaaaaaah” at you.

Winter Corn

winter corn

I lived most of my life in Arizona, where you can grow corn all winter long. Here in New Hampshire, this is what the corn looks like in January… This image was taken with me bending all the way down to the ground, the camera just a few inches above the snow.

Siloh in the mist


A siloh stands in the mist in Chester, New Hampshire.

New Hampshire CSA

New Hampshire CSA, originally uploaded by jronaldlee. Some rights reserved: CC BY 2.0. One of the locations where the New Hampshire CSA distributes produce to its members every Friday. What’s a CSA? It stands for community supported agriculture. In other words, it’s a farm co-op. You buy in at the beginning of the season, then […]

Moon rise over Chester


The moon rises gently over a field in Chester, New Hampshire