Equality March DC 2009

Equality March DC 2009, originally uploaded by Paul Frederiksen. Some rights reserved: CC BY 2.0.

I didn’t take this photo – but it speaks on many levels. The photography skill is impressive… but what else is present?

Many interpret Leviticus to be instructions for Jewish religious leaders. Most Christians interpret Jesus’ actions and the New Testament in general as having precedence over the Old Testament, and therefore might discount that scripture.


If you say that portions of the Old Testament no longer apply because of the new covenant, doesn’t that apply to scriptures against homosexuality, too?

I’ve had some great conversations with people I love and care about on this topic recently. I’m not gay… not that it matters, unless you’re my romantic interest. Her name is Claire… not that it matters, and for much the same reasons.

I’ve tried to take a fairly neutral tone on this blog, but I don’t care what your sexuality is. You stay out of my bedroom, I’ll stay out of yours.

’nuff said.


  1. JD says:

    I saw this picture on someone’s Blogger, and I absolutely loved it!

  2. mom says:

    hmmmmmm, yeah, now I’m getting on my latest soap box!!
    Not meaning to high jack this post….. so don’t read on if you will be offended~~

    I am by no means an expert – just at the beginning of the beginning, actually. But having tried for over 50 years (!) to live “Biblically” as I was taught, re-taught, mis-taught, and etc, I’ve come to think we’ve been sold down the river the last 1700 years or more (“Christians”, those who believe in NT, Jesus, Paul’s teaching, etc). What we don’t know can indeed hurt us. Most of the “laws” in Leviticus were for specific groups of people, so if you weren’t in that group, it didn’t apply to you (speaking of sexuality, none of the laws regarding menustration apply to you guys out there! ;) . As to the word “law”, it’s not a Biblical term or concept in this regard. Even the Ten Commandments – commandments is better translated “words”. The word translated “law” is better rendered “teachings, guidelines, instructions”. A lot of the instructions regarded Temple service, and since there’s no temple anymore, those instructions are, for want of a better word, “suspended”.

    Jesus and the boys were actually very Torah (read “Old Testament”, or, if you prefer, “Pentateuch”), observant, Paul included. That means they obeyed the instructions that applied to them. The problem then (as now) was people took instructions that didn’t apply to other people and tried to make them fit… like me trying to wear a size 6, it just shouldn’t be imposed on anyone!! They also took instructions that actually had some latitude and said “this needs to be stricter, I’ll just explain it some more, tighten it up as it were” and people started to suffocate.

    It was bad enough 2000 years ago to make Jesus a bit upset, how much more so today, filtered as it’s been through so many opinionated people, many of whom are revered as “church Fathers”. So, probably stepping on someone’s toes, whether it’s Jerome, Origen, Martin Luther, John Calvin, pick your favorite theologian, you or me, we probably have missed some important points, misconstrued others, and just been taught some stuff that at least borders on heresy.

    For example, a favorite Torah riddling quote is that Jesus came to “abolish the law”. First, wrong translation. Second, terrible application. Third, absolutely not true. Fourth, see above regarding word “law”.

    Where the religious leaders of His day got mad at Jesus was usually based on this verse. Paraphrased by me, HE said, in support of Torah, “hey, you guys are misconstruing and misusing God’s Instruction Manual all over the place, so let Me explain it to you” (which is what “fulfilling” the Torah means, not abolishing it, or saying it’s all irrelevant, but “here’s what it’s saying, you’ve been off on a tangent somewhere, let’s get back on track”.)

    So, to comment on that guy’s sign, the passage in Lev 21:5 seems to me to be addressing the priests who were to serve in the Tabernacle/ Temple, not that guy on the street or any of you reading it.
    Can I explain it? No. I can only say at this point it has a purpose beyond my understanding, and someone out there probably knows what it is (not that that person is reading this blog :)
    And I do think the rest of that verse – the idea of not cutting oneself – is a pretty good instruction for anyone…..

    SO, if anyone is still reading this comment, Shalom Alechem and L’Chaim to you! Let’s chat :)

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