Regular readers know we keep chickens. When we get a backlog of eggs, it’s time to make a large scramble. This photo was taken right before the whisk was applied.

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  1. Very inventive, as always :-)

    That’s going to be one big omelette!

    Have you tried isinglass (sodium silicate)? When we kept chickens we used to fill a large plastic tub with isinglass dissolved in warm water and put the spare eggs in there.

    Almost all of them would be good when we took them out in the leaner winter months.

  2. # 1 fan says:

    I had fun trying to figure out what on earth… I had guessed some kind of cling free peaches, like my mom used to can. lol!!
    Then I counted 11 yolks, but was it an even dozen?
    I’d like to know more about the isinglass David mentioned… had never heard of it, but it sounds like a good thing to try.

  3. I loved the photography Lee! I recently bought myself a Nikon DSLR & now practicing some good moves for snaps & also aiming for some classic clicks like you! I hope to dedicate few to you!

  4. How many people you are planing to feed? :)

  5. Really attractive thing! I am feeling like it is so amazing looking at it only! The photo looks so picturesque!

  6. Jean Drax says:

    What an amazing photo you take. I love the outcome of this egg photo. It is really looks so fantastic.

  7. Wonderful shot, Its looking very beautiful, at first glance didn’t thought it is an egg yolks. Nice photography, I’m sure you enjoyed eating it. I will try this at home, thanks a lot for sharing.

  8. Good shot! You really nailed an Eye catching photo there.

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  9. Danielle Lich says:

    I like this photo. It is so fascinating.

  10. What an attractive pic!! Just by looking at the pic, one cannot make out that they are eggs. Amazingly taken shot. :)

  11. Abhishek says:

    A shot really well taken..I keep checking your website to see the diverse range of pics you post.

  12. What a lovely picture. For a moment there I thought it was lemons in syrup. That sure must have made several baking recipes and other family favorites!

  13. Oisha Hicks says:

    Thanks for this idea. I will capture this one as well. I just want to try it.

  14. Amazing and wonderful shot! It´s really fascinating.

  15. That’s a lot of eggs… I hope it’s not just for one person :)
    The photo was very well shot!

  16. Lee, this may be my favourite shot that I’ve seen thus far! Isn’t it funny that I can’t stand mushrooms but the shot of countless raw eggs make me think, ‘Mmmm – that’s gonna taste good!’ Haha. Brilliant work as always; please keep them coming thick and fast! I’ve even Google +1ed this pic I love it so much! ?

  17. So creative to think of shooting them this way! It must have been a nightmare making sure that one of the yolks didn’t crack and ruin the entire shot? How long did it take to get them all perfect like that?

    • We keep chickens, so it wasn’t so much that it took a long time to crack the eggs, as it was just waiting for an opportunity when none of the yolks broke. This was the day we did a big skillet of scrambled eggs and not one yolk broke (it’s happened twice, I think), so I grabbed my camera.

  18. Great idea for a shot! Now I’m hungry, I’ll go to eat some eggs! :)

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