This image is available for sale on Getty Images.

A little black and white love on a Wednesday morning. This was part of the included exercise equipment in the house we rented.


  1. Is this a sign? :D I honestly need to get my hands on these.

  2. time for exercise

  3. Sibunting108 says:

    I really love the photo! The contrast is good but think it could be pushed even harder as the photo is black and white. And I love the lines as they sort of lead your eyes through the photo! :)

    Well Done

  4. Thanks muchly!

  5. Sorry, I just don’t feel it on this one. I do enjoy most of these, but just not getting this one.

  6. I hear ya, Cole. It’s not my fave, either, but it IS the first image request I received to purchase my photos via Getty Images… so that’s pretty cool.

    • That is more than COOL!!! It would look really nice in a gym or somewhere like that. You have such talent, and I have to admit quite envious. My 4 year old takes better pictures than I do. ;)

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