Dancing Lobster

Ain’t that America. A lobster dances to entice you to order… Lobster? The photos don’t do her justice. She was on fire.

Wonder what’s playing on her iPod?


  1. Karen says:

    All together now “I like big butts and I don’t know why!” :lol: Looks like she’s trying to body pop ;)
    Karen recently posted Time Keeps Flowing Like A River!

  2. # 1 fan says:

    LOLLOLLOLLY!! not at ALL what I pictured when you said “dancing lobster”. hysterical. We have a guy with a sign outside Planet Fitness whose moves are so energetic he doesn’t have to work out inside at all, so I can imagine…. fun.

  3. u have captured the all the funny butt moves :D

  4. Claire says:

    She’s wearing New Balance cross trainers.

  5. James Lee says:

    Nobody rocks the lobster pot the way this girl does.

    @Claire – I thought you’d notice that.

  6. Sophie says:

    LOL ! That’s 97 % full of awesomeness ! ( The rest is melted butter )

  7. Ktona says:

    Great job. Fantastic images! :)

  8. Vishal @ Accounting Outsourcing says:

    Wat’s playing on her iPod>?

  9. Dave says:

    Lol! This is funny. Nothing that humans do ever surprises me any more. We are such a diverse and random race, especially in terms of our behaviour. This like this I would previously have considered weird, but now I wonder why I even thought like that. It seems quite normal to me nowadays.
    Dave recently posted Blease Fell &amp Lonscale Fell

  10. andri says:

    hahaha.. that doesnt look like a lobster but at least he/she got someone take photos of him/her
    andri recently posted Nikon D7000 Made In Thailand

  11. mafe @ scorpion helmets says:

    this is such a funny move!i wanna try dancing too. Through this, i might loose weight. god bless to this big guy..=)

  12. Asherlloyd @ broadway hotel new york city says:

    Just entertaining. the lobster really has got big butts. lets cook the lobster in water..

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