Inside my PC

This is the inside of my PC. It’s probably been about ten years, but I assembled one of these once. I picked out the parts, ordered them online, and when everything came to the house, I assembled them, loaded the operating system, and had a pretty nice computer; one that lasted me about eight years.

This computer is one that I purchased pre-assembled. A couple weeks ago, it’s hard drive failed. Unfortunately, this happened right after I made a bad decision about the backups on an external hard-drive, and that is no longer available to me.

Fortunately, most of the hard drive was recoverable. Unfortunately, every photo I took from May through October last year is gone, including some of my all time favorites. I’m still hoping to someday figure out how to recover them, but without spending substantial dollars, I’m not sure what can be done. Needless to say, suggestions are welcome. Any ideas?


  1. what a bummer… both the comupter woes and the picture loss!!
    not to mention that the comment posting thingy bobber was broken
    so I couldn’t tell you how much I liked the moon shot in honor of Neil Armstrong
    (you should consider sending it to the family :)

  2. Oh mate I don’t think you’ll be able to recover the unrecoverable ones without shelling something out. I remember the day my hard drive failed to the point that not a single file was recovered. Fortunately for me, I had my backup in place. The age old phrase, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ fits perfectly with PC troubleshoots. I was wondering what the red hue is about. :)

    • What’s your chosen method of backup?

      I have these little finger mounted LED lights I received for Christmas last year – used those to get the different colors on this image.

  3. Sean Lamont says:

    I think, it’s better that you may change your hard drive. Other wise it’ll disturb you.

  4. The first time I set my eyes upon this picture on your homepage, it looked to me like the CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. But then I looked again and figured it to be some sophisticated yet old school table fan. And then I clicked on the thumbnail to realize what it actually is! Sorry about your lost photos James.

  5. The picture looks so amazing, at first glance I thought it is something big nuclear machine or some huge industrial machine then when I saw the wires I realized it is a Cabinet. Wonderful photography the green & red light is making the picture perfect, good post, thanks for sharing.

  6. That inside view of your computer seemed to me like a nice theme for a disco or pub with good lighting. I was so excited to watch this picture and to my surprise when I read it was instead your computer. Amazing click I must say.

  7. I’m sorry for your lost data. I really sympathize with you because it has happened to me once and it’s so annoying I can tell you. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my data back because I’m not a professional user but I’m sure that there are some home computer experts out there who can make miracles with your hard drive at a low price. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  8. Awesome photography, I will surely try to take picture like this at home, the lighting effect of green & red is simply awesome. At first glance, I really didn’t come to know that it is a cabinet, thought some big complicated industrial machine. Wonderful photography, thanks for sharing.

  9. wow! The first thing that came to my mind is the huge machines they used in the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle! Nice capture-indeed!

  10. I am still wondering how you managed to merge in so many different and bright colours in your picture? It does not look like the inside of your computer and instead some fantastic piece of art. You click such wonderful and effective pictures that give itself great meanings.

  11. At first glance, I did not think that this photo is the inside of a PC, really! Cool that you’ve assembled one before. I have yet to try that experiment. I’m pretty scared to open my CPU because I might damage it instead of fixing.


  12. It is sad that you lost all the pictures, I feel extremely annoyed if I ever lose a picture because of any kind of memory storage failure as these pictures are the true memories. I prefer backing up every possible file nowadays atleast at two different places.

  13. I had a hard drive fail and I immediately got that sinking feeling in my stomach. I managed to recover everything off it using a program called Stellar Phoenix. Its for mac, but i’m sure there are similar programs for Windows based ones. Good luck !

  14. This is bad :( My most common computer fail reason is the power supply unit. Electrical lines in Ukraine are really shitty, there are frequent voltage spikes and stuff like that, I always have a spare one (had to change power supply unit twice last year).

  15. I must say awesome photography. Now, regarding your issue, hard drive is really not predictable… Once my hard drive failed and I lost all my data. I couldn’t recover any stuff. You’re lucky enough to get back certain things.

  16. Sean Thomas says:

    Hard drives break quite often. I have had a few die on me over the years. The best bet is to go with a RAID setup or buy some external hard drives and back up data manually regularly or use some software.

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