Happy Halloween, 2014

  For the second year in a row, I took pictures at this year’s Halloween party for the kids of my coworkers. For the second year in a row, I’ve been graciously allowed to share some of those photos with you. Here’s a little strawberry. So cute!   Part of what makes the day a […]

Went for a run

I typically keep running related blog posts on my running blog, but I do also take pictures while I’m running from time to time. Pull out the phone and snap away, essentially. This one shows a pretty significant milestone for me. That covered bridge at the end of the road, just about a tenth of […]

Where y’all from?

You know how some tourist spots have a map and invite people to pin where they’re from? This one ran out of pins… so if you look closely, you’ll see pin-holes in the map where people took someone else’s pin and moved it to their home tow. So how about it? Where are YOU from? […]

Stump Jumpin’

A long time ago, I hosted a guest post that explained how to create panoramas in Photoshop. More recently, on a trip to New York City, I saw this guy jumping from lamp to lamp. There were probably 70 or so wrapping around the building, and he made it all the way from one end […]

Bubbles in the Park

  This guy was blowing bubbles in Central Park. Some of them were the size of a small car! Look closely in the image above and you’ll see that the one he’s working on is stretched all the way across the photo. Below is a bubble about three feet across. When it hit the ground, […]

Boston Strong

Some of my favorite shots from Boston from the last few years. Just throwing these up as I think about the cowards who messed with the wrong town. Click an image for full size, then use the arrows on the bottom right corner to scroll through.


If you’ve seen the new marriage equality symbols popping up all over Facebook in place of profile photos, you’re probably aware of how marriage equality arguments are shaping up in the United States these days. I know that for some people, gay rights amounts to a question of morality, and can’t or won’t support the […]

Vote 2012

I’m part of an increasingly rare bread. I’m a political moderate. I believe in planks from both political parties. That means that no matter who wins today’s presidential election, I will only have half of my values represented by the winner. Still, I’ve made my choices and I’m casting my ballot. I’m okay if you […]

Spirit Day 2011

  It’s Spirit Day (click to learn more), and in support of the LGBT community, many people wore purple shirts. Me, I can’t really wear purple. My skin gets an orange tint around too much purple… so I bought a tie instead. Why do we need to support the LGBT community? Are you Lesbian, Gay, […]

the Caponier Stairs

Dark reflections at the bottom of the stairs taken at Fort McClary, Portsmouth, NH