Color Me Rad, Boston 2012

Want to know how Color Me Rad works? You’ve come to the right place. First, you must have your race ticket. No ticket? No color.

Ticket to Run

The dress code is casual… but you do need enough fabric to attach your number.

bum squad

That said, most people choose a fresh white outfit for the race.

fresh start

Once out on the course, though, the volunteers of the color bomb squad make all that change.

getting bombed

Here’s the “race” leader… no prizes, no clock, he just got be be in front of the pack.

Color Me Rad Boston's winner

When all is said and done, the racers gather up for a final “color burst.”


Pretty much everyone there had a good time. If Color Me Rad is coming to your town, I’d consider giving it a shot.

Color Me Rad Runners



  1. This is just awesome. color me rad. :)

  2. looks like a lot of ‘good clean fun’ ha! …… at least a lot of good fun ?

    • The race organizers said there would be stations where you could get some of the color blown off, but no such luck. Takes a little soap and water, but clean up was easy. And yes, a lot of good fun. :)

  3. It’s like a huge paintball festival :) very nice, would love to participate one day… the only thing you need is a disposable white top ?

  4. This is so innovative & exciting to participate in such races & events! It is always so thrilling to enjoy it to the fullest as well as grab some experience! Paint it red! ?

  5. The event looks so spectacular on such a large scale! I am thoroughly enjoying just surfing the pictures & also thinking what could had been the real fun attending it! Wish I was in Boston that time, I was just travelling to Chicago for an event! I wish something of this sort occurs real soon ?

  6. Vanilla Sandler says:

    This is a good and wonderful event. I quite sad since I haven’t joined this event. It seems everyone is enjoying. You capture the perfect angle of this event. I love it.

  7. Truly wonderful the pictures are really nice, the event seems very exciting! The marathon gonna be sure shot hit! If there are colors. Will Definitely participate one day. Good post, thanks for sharing.

  8. The very idea of Color me Rad is so amazing. The pictures presented in the post tell the entire story of the event. The event is full of enthusiasm from the crowd. I will surely participate, if Color me Rad comes to my city. The concept is new and equally enticing. Thanks for the share, through this post I got acquainted with a new and amazing sort of race.

  9. Lovely colors – awesome pics there Ronald. You’re really gifted!


  10. Like the colors :) Congrats.

  11. Wonderful pictures, Pictures presented in the post tell the entire story of the event. The event is full of enthusiasm from the crowd. I have once attended this kind of festival called Holi in India its so crazy. Wonderful blog thanks a lot for sharing.

  12. heh that looks fun. is it done for a charity or something? whats the purpose of the run?

  13. good job ? congrats

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