Closeup: Mushroom


Time for your closeup…

This is a side view of a large white-cap mushroom. It was maybe five inches (13 cm) across.


  1. Great shot – inventive as always.

    Have you tried this – Put a mushroom cap on a sheet of white paper with a glass over the top of the mushroom. Keep away from draughts and leave it for a day and then carefully remove.

    You ‘should’ see a pattern of spores that have fallen from the gills of the mushroom.


  2. Lovely close up shot..It is looking so wonderful. Another great pic from you. Simply loved it.

  3. Debra Baldwin says:

    I hate mushroom yet on your photo it is so stunning and beautiful. You capture the right angle. At first, by just looking on your photos I can’t determine what it is so when I read the title I was fascinated to know that this is a mushroom photo. So, nice.

  4. Jody Holt says:

    This is really a nice mushroom. The color is so nice. You choose a good angle for this photo. This is very fascinating photo. Thanks for sharing this photo.

  5. Despite never being a fan of mushrooms – they kinda gross me out – there’s no denying that the unbelieveable detail in this shot is something to admire. Who knew they were so incredibly defined when you’re that close up! Fantastic effort on your behalf.

  6. Rebecca Foster says:

    You got the perfect angle. The photo is so beautiful.

  7. Again you have managed to come up with a masterpiece. It is truly a very lovely picture. The angle in which you have taken the picture makes it look more beautiful and pleasing. I just love your photography a lot. All the things look different and appealing when you capture them in your camera. I really wish I could learn some cool tricks of photography from you.

  8. I guess it’s a compliment to your photography but I never would have guessed what that was had I not read the title. They look so weird close up, huh!

  9. That looks like some delicious and creamy piece of pineapple and vanilla cake. Never thought it could rather be a close up shot of a mushroom. The picture is amazingly captured with all the talent of making it look so yummy.

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