Get up and jump!


  1. Converse and dresses, I can’t think of a better combination. I’m going to celebrate it’s finally warm and almost the weekend. What are you?

  2. What was the celebration for? Purple is my favorite color so I love the matching dress to the shoes.

    • It was her first semi-formal dance. I picked out the shoes, and then convinced her that the fabric was a perfect match. Really, the hard part was sewing the dress.

  3. I feel like doing this now! I just heard some good news that my son made the summer basketball team and I’m SO proud of him! Nice picture with the colors!

  4. Jane Cooper says:

    I see some trend, you started taking pictures of legs :d

  5. Perfect shot. I always love photography, it’s one of my hobbies.

  6. Jane makes a good point- but I’d say it’s for the privacy protection, too :) I’m glad it’s starting to finally get warm out, because this weather has been too terrible to enjoy!

  7. How did you get the action shot to where she wasn’t blurry? It’s Friday!! That’s my celebration :)

  8. I’ve seen quite a few of similar photos, but yours is compelling because of the contrast (green and purple), I like that you have made the jump the focus and not the person jumping. A well composed photo with the foreground infocus and everything in the distance becoming more fuzzy including the jumping legs as the depth increases. I’m inspired to celebrate!

  9. This is a very fun photo. I wonder how many times she had to jump into order to catch the right shot. I’m sure with your type of camera and your skills, it wasn’t much. It takes me forever and takes strategy to match the timing of my normal camera to capture a jump like this!

  10. I’m a sonographer by trade and do photography on the side for no other reason then I love it. This was a great angle and very creative. The converse were an especially nice touch.

  11. I love this shot! I really got to make a photo like this of my daughter jumping. The fact that you see only her legs adds so much more power to the image. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Makes me want to jump. Love the color harmony and sense of joy in the photo.

  13. You should have given the whole body shot. I didn’t see the dress. It must be really beautiful. But Great capture though.

  14. I just feel like jumping right now, I’m leaving for vacations =) Definitely need a converse in this color… lol

  15. Great photo. I find it difficult taking photos like that because you need to take it many times to get a great and clear shot. Great angle!

    Nice shoes and dress and I love the color purple. :)

  16. I read on a previous comment that it only took you two tries to get this shot. I would probably take me all day, especially since I’m sure I don’t even have as great of a camera as you do. By the time I’d get the shot, my subject would probably think of jumping as more of a workout than for joy.

  17. Very sweet! So how did you feel that this was her first dance? This looks like me whenever it his Friday :) Yipppeee!

  18. ah that jump got me back to my childhood.

  19. good shot. how many times did this shot taken?

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