Catching some Zs

Napping Cat

This is something I need to do more of. I’ve been sick as a dog for about two and a half days. Unfortunately, my symptoms regularly keep me from sleeping.

I’m actually feeling a small amount better right now. It was a pretty rough day, but for the last twenty minutes, I’ve felt all right.

About the photo: That’s Sumo, who has graced these pages before. He’s one of the best kitties ever. The blanked is a denim quilt my Mom made. Thanks, Mom! That’s an awesome blanket.


  1. Cats are hugely dislike by me for some strange reason. I find them to be evil, scratchy and of no good. But I must say this picture of Sumo, your cat has actually won, my heart. The picture is a beautiful image that has the cat and the denim blanket both occupying almost equal amount of the frame. The cat and your mom seem to be special people in your life, a fact that the photograph very nicely conveys. Get well soon, expecting many more great pictures like this one. Happy 2012, great to see you clicking away in this new year. Cheers.

  2. A cat in jeans :) Great picture!

  3. Totally disagree. I love cats and I love animal photography! Gorgeous picture, utterly adorable kitty (love to Sumo x) and can your mom make me one of those blankies please?!

    Hope you’re feeling better, happy 2012 :)

  4. Totally love Sumo. After seeing this picture my kids have started pestering me to get a cat. Must say you captured a lovely moment. Your mother’s affection has won my heart, I have also started knitting some socks and sweaters for my kids, want them to also have something from their mom to cherish. The picture made me think of snugged, cold winters and I have decided to buy my kids the cat they want. Keep clicking such beautiful pictures. Lots of love from Mario, Norbert and Leandrina (my kids) to Sumo.

    • Oh, that’s so sweet.

      Mario, Norbert, and Leandrina,

      Sumo sends lots of purrrrrs your way, and a nudge with his head, too (he stands up on his back legs and head butts people when he’s feeling affectionate).

  5. Did your parents feed you when you were young the kind of horrible sliced American cheese that tastes like plastic? Perhaps you are still suffering that memory.

  6. Your napping cat Sumo is truly adorable! Loved the way it is captured. And that denim blanket made by your mom makes picture more attractive. Also you seem to be having rough time, get well soon! No doubt this picture must have cheered you although! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. Your cat reminds me of my cat Kittu, who died when I was a kid. Kittu was my best friend, my toy, my companion as I grew up in Alabama. But then when I was 10, he went somewhere and never returned. My mom said that he must have gone away, as he knew his time was near and didn’t want me to see him die. I searched all over for him, but there was no trace of him. Kittu, was white in color and your Sumo is black. This brings tears to my eyes, a great picture must say, helped me remembered my childhood. I love cats.

  8. Never thought cat is so photogenic! This picture of Sumo is really very beautiful. Also loved that denim blanket too! You have a very artistic view to all things surrounding you. All your posts are very unusual. Thanks for sharing it!

  9. Cute Sumo I love it! I guess you’re going better now James. I love cats when it is not mine because I am scared with their claws, it actually sounds weird but it is true. This is my first visit to your blog James and I already read the interesting one like this. Thanks for sharing Sumo!

  10. Must say Sumo looks like a soft, cuddly black pillow. I had to actually put on my glasses to see that it was a cat. He looks so much like a velvet cloth cushion. I also really loved your mom’s blanket. Reminded me of my childhood, when I also had a similar favorite blanket called ‘blanky’ and I never went to sleep without it. What lovely memories! A big salute to the power of photography to be able to make people relive and remember the golden past.

  11. That is a beautiful blanket Ronald. Your cat is really lucky to have it from you. I never imagined a blanket made out of a denim material could look so good. My mom has always made woolen or cotton blankets. I am definitely going to show this picture to my mom and ask her her to make me a similar one.

  12. What a cute kitty! I’ve never seen a denim quilt like that before, it’s nice! I wish my mom made me quilts, she’s not much of a seamstress.

  13. Really nice cat image. Very Cozy I like!

  14. Awwww he is adorable, reminds me of my first cat. He was black, too. I used to think I was a dog person, probably because I’d never owned a cat, lol. But now I know the joys of owning a kitty and even though I love all animals I think I have to say I am a cat person! Strangely enough I was born in the Chinese Year of the Dog though.

  15. Sumo is so adorable! I have two Siamese cats, Vodka and Heineken. Heineken has recently taken over my blanket, sleeps on it every day while Vodka took my sister’s – we couldn’t do anything about it. They love blankets, don’t they? LOL.

  16. Sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling well! Cats are so great at keeping you company though, aren’t they? Sumo looks super cute, and that blanket is really cool! Gotta love moms lol. I’m glad you were feeling well enough to get this photo and post it, thanks!

  17. Sumo is so cute! My cat Pip looks very similar, but he has a white ear too. I love it how Sumo’s whiskers are white and contrast with the black fur.

  18. James,
    I hope you feel much better now. Wanting to read more about your blog soon.
    Love your kitten! So cute!

  19. Aww Sumo is such a cutie :) This is a really nice shot, great use of bohke as usual. Also, that’s a really great blanket, your mom’s got some skills!

  20. Sumo feels very comfortable on the quilt. BTW, that’s a beautiful denim quilt! :)

  21. Oh! That adorable kitty is so cute, she really feels the comfortableness in a blanket… Can I borrow it and be on my side at sleep? :)

  22. I used to have a cat too and had been with her since she was a little kitten. Actually I picked her up as a stray kitten and it took me awhile to tame her. I had to leave her with my sister when I left home. I loved that cat!

  23. Sumo is undoubtedly a very cute kitten. This shot is really one of the best I have seen of yours.

  24. Aren’t moms the best?That is an adorable Kitty and a cozy looking quilt indeed. How creative of your mother! I really wish I knew how to quilt too!

  25. Abhishek says:

    Wonderful click . Your napping cat , Sumo is truly adorable. The cat and the blanket occupy almost equal amount of the frame .The bright red colour of the denim blanket adds to the beauty of the click . I love cats . Surely an alluring piece of photography

  26. SusanFaber says:

    Aww…ain’t she the cutest! I have been following your clicks closely and this is indeed one of the cutest. I am majorly into cats and quilting. Looking forward to more pics from your end.

  27. I’m much, much more of a dog person than a cat guy but you’ve managed to do what I thought impossible; snap a kitty lookin’ cute! You must be on heck of a photographer ?

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