Catching some Zs

Napping Cat

This is something I need to do more of. I’ve been sick as a dog for about two and a half days. Unfortunately, my symptoms regularly keep me from sleeping. I’m actually feeling a small amount better right now. It was a pretty rough day, but for the last twenty minutes, I’ve felt all right. […]

On the Prowl

on the prowl

A photo of Muffet – cat on the prowl.

Muffet Isn’t Happy

Abigail the puppy just moved in… and Muffet isn’t happy.

Cat and Mouse


Photo of a cat and a mouse… one of ‘em didn’t quite make it.

Black cat with green eyes

black cat

Muffet, a black cat with green eyes, is ready for his close up.

The sentinel


Someone waits for me to get home every night…

Chipmunk hunter

chipmunk hunter

Muffet is perched on the big granite boulder in front of the house. Across the street, a chipmunk is squeaking. Muffet is poised to investigate (stupid chipmunk better not end up dead in my living room tonight).

Pygmy Shrew: World’s Second Smallest Mammal

When I put this blog up, I did NOT expect it to end up being the New England Nature Channel… but when Muffet gave us a full grown live Pygmy Shrew yesterday, I could not resist posting a little video. Enjoy. Best part comes at about 1:15. The Pygmy Shrew is the second smallest mammal, […]

Cat and chipmunk video – Muffet doing what he does best.

Another nature film, this time it’s Muffet the cat chomping a New England chipmunk on the back deck on Independence Day. Not as graphic as the last video.

Video of cat eating a Lemming

Nature photography at its finest. In my house. Enjoy the video of Merkel the house cat eating a southern bog lemming, taken just seconds after she killed it by chomping its rib cage repeatedly. (lighting by Vivienne)