Breaking the bank

They say the recession is over… but only one person in four agrees with that. How does it feel to you?

Back to Work

I’m going back to work – this time for Electric Insurance Company,® where I am the new Customer Experience Manager.

Fortune Cookie

Click here to read why this was the best timed fortune ever.

Hard Times, Unemployed

Unemployed in America.

Strategic Claim Services

Strategic Claim Services, originally uploaded by jronaldlee. Some rights reserved: CC BY 2.0. My title is “Managing Director, Product Development” at TGSC Group (parent company to TeleGlass and Strategic Claim Services), but sometimes I contribute in other ways as well, such as today when I installed the company logo and name on the wall outside […]

Sign of things to come

Blockbuster recently announced they would be closing up to 950 more stores in coming days. I guess the location across the street from my office is just ahead of the curve. On September 30, 2008, I lost my job. Yesterday was the one year anniversary, but I  didn’t write about it for a couple of […]