Candy Fish

candy fish

For the Monthly Scavenger Hunt clue, “I once caught a fish this big!”

These fish are about two cm long each.


  1. Dr. Ann Voisin says:

    I suppose I am struggling to understand what the hunt is.

    Are you saying that in the photo there is something to find? Like perhaps the outline of another fish only larger? Just not sure what to do with this. Perhaps if I dropped by more often, I would understand.

    However, please know that I like the spirit of the site even though offhand I am not sure what I am looking for. Pretty sure it’s something to do with fish, and fairly sure it’s in the photo, but I could be wrong.

    Help me, and I will be a happy and willing participant.

    Then come on over to ToysPeriod for some more plastic and photos.

    Dr. Ann Voisin

  2. Dr. Ann Voisin,

    Ahh, I was lazy in my post. I participate in a photo based Monthly Scavenger Hunt on Flickr (click to see the group). The group puts up twenty clues, and you then have one month to capture an image that represents each of those twenty clues. My images for the March scavenger hunt, many of which have already been seen here on the blog, are here. Hope you like the Legos! :)

  3. Dear James,

    Ok, I understand in principle. However, could you give me a simple example using perhaps two images, captured by a third.

    That way, I’ll understand the DIRECTION of the contest.

    I’m afraid as it is, I do not understand what the word “capture” means in this context.

    Dr. Ann

  4. Thank you for the advice regarding an avatar. I have changed it to my favorite puppy dog photo. Which do you prefer.

    I am also going to place the ToysPeriod tag in the body of this e-mail rather than in the website box to see if Akismet trashes the comment then. They have in the past. However, since you allow tags in the comments, we’ll see what happens.

    Dr. Ann

  5. Here’s an example: the clue is, “I once caught a fish this big.” Anyone who wants to participate takes a photo that represents that phrase. Here are all the submissions for this category… People around the world participate, and while there are a lot of similar photos, there is a lot of variety, too!

    • You are absolutely right James. Ideas are nobody’s monopoly. The moment we conceptualized it would have been accomplished by someone else in some strange part of the world. Do you regularly participate in such events @ flickr. I refrain myself fearing the competition. Man that space would have filled up with submissions.

  6. Thanks, Dr. Ann, for pursuring the scavenger hunt questions…. altho I thot I understood it, now I understand better. Just spent an enjoyable 20 – 30 minutes looking at some of the slide shows of the months or other people’s postings.
    In a world seemingly more and more going nuts, it’s a wonderful calm oasis of sharing the more normal, yet also unique, silly, unusual, sometimes inspired and profound, moments of life. The different perspectives and locales are fun, too.

  7. PS ~~~ So, thanks, James, for broadening my horizons in this way.

  8. These kind of candy always look like legos to me… makes me want to try to stack them.


  1. Sock Monkey says:

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