Candle Flame

I like taking pictures of fire and smoke. Maybe because fire is analogous to life. The way it moves and feeds. Perhaps I just like the patterns fire makes. Maybe because answering the question, “What is a flame?“, is so hard.   (How’s my punctuation on that last sentence? No time to look it up […]


Tonight I played with a macro lens, an off-camera strobe, and a candle. Light the candle, wait two minutes, blow it out, take two photos, and repeat as needed. I took a lot of shots, but this one was my favorite. I’d like to do this again, as I don’t feel like I got the […]


Simple photo of four candles taken in a very dark room. Click through to learn how I set the camera to achieve this affect.

Happy Thanksgiving, 2010

I wish you a happy, peaceful thanksgiving, one that is filled with contentment, and if possible, joy.