Bulldozer Treads

bulldozer treads

I combed the archives for today’s photo. Regular readers might recognize this from my post on Labor Day, where I showed a slightly different view.

This image is available for purchase via Getty Images; click here to view the J. Ronald Lee collection.


  1. Real good photo love the small depth and mud on those yellow tracks, and by the way I love your site and hope to get my close to these standards. Thanks

  2. Really nice design and style and fantastic subject material, absolutely nothing else we want : D

  3. Mechanical subjects are feast in my eyes! I just love the art behind complicated machines like the bulldozer in this particular photo. Great job Lee :)

  4. Great shot love the blur on the treads and the contrast of the dirt.

  5. Great shot!

  6. excellent color, nice

  7. I liked how instead of focusing on the usual you chose to make the unusual the focus of your picture. Great job, the mark of a fantastic photographer who sees something different from what others usually observe. The use of blur as well as foreground, middle ground and background is well done. A picture speaks a millions words is true with your photograph that focuses on the amount of work done by the vehicle, the pieces of dust and cement are a testament to that. Keep up your eye for details. Look forward to more exciting and different pictures from you, visiting your blog is a real joy.

  8. You’re in danger of making ugly things look beautiful here (that’s a compliment btw). Great balance of colors across the image.

  9. jessietaylor92 says:

    You have got the right angle of an image, Very well said.

  10. Can’t imagine myself stuck in that giant treads! There’s a road widening in our place, and I’m pissed with it’s sound! It’s a giant thing indeed!

  11. I’m was afraid every time i saw these kind of a huge machine.

  12. nice composition nald..
    i like this

  13. Wow great shot! I really love the pops of yellow against the rest of the grey machinery. And another great use of bokhe, I really like how the middle of the tread is in focus.

  14. Great shot. I like how the blues contrast the yellows. What aperature was this shot at?

  15. Cool. Wish I can do some trick.

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