Took this photo back on Sunday, and have been dying to share it ever since.

You need pork and beef. We got a cheap shoulder and some cheap beef. You’re going to grind it, right? Skip the expensive meat for this one…

You’ll want approximately equal amounts of pork and beef. For every pound of meat you have, add 1.5 t fresh ground pepper, 1 t salt, 3/4 t sugar, 1/2 t dry mustard, 1/2 t ground mace, 1/2 t dried, crushed marjoram, 1/2 t ground nutmeg, and 1 or 2 cloves garlic, minced finely. Put the meat through a meat grinder with the course attachment, and mix in all ingredients.

After mixing in the ingredients, grind it all again.

From there you can stuff it into casings, but we just made it into bratwurst burgers. This was the best bratwurst I’ve ever had in my entire life… inexpensive to make, and probably a LOT healthier than your usual offering (way less fat).



  1. oh ugh… only the top part shows up on this computer, I have to scroll down. Kind of creepy – it looks like 4 fingers, and you know how I feel about taking care of your fingers….
    So, Claire, did it smell like bratwurst, too ????? NOW I get it!!!

  2. I must agree with the comment above – when I first opened this page I thought it might have been some illustration of some terrible illness!

    It was quite a relief to read the text!

  3. I’ll admit to enjoying a bit of shock-factor on this shot. It was an impromptu photo… when I shared it with skilled photographers, they all questioned the lighting, saying it was a bit harsh (and I would have to agree).

    But really… it’s the recipe that counts!

  4. On russian this device calls “myasorubka” ? (“myaso” – meat)

  5. Oh my gosh that gave me scare too. I too thought it was a finger at first and gave me heart attack at the sight of it. I am glad to know it’s not someone fingers!

  6. What a comparison. Kind of scary.

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