Went for a run

I typically keep running related blog posts on my running blog, but I do also take pictures while I’m running from time to time. Pull out the phone and snap away, essentially. This one shows a pretty significant milestone for me. That covered bridge at the end of the road, just about a tenth of […]

Boston Strong

Some of my favorite shots from Boston from the last few years. Just throwing these up as I think about the cowards who messed with the wrong town. Click an image for full size, then use the arrows on the bottom right corner to scroll through.

Color Me Rad, Boston 2012

Want to know how Color Me Rad works? You’ve come to the right place. First, you must have your race ticket. No ticket? No color. The dress code is casual… but you do need enough fabric to attach your number. That said, most people choose a fresh white outfit for the race. Once out on […]

Light at the end of the tunnel

Part of Boston’s public transit system. Photo of a subway train on approach.

Freeway Photography

A couple pictures of buildings in Boston taken from a moving vehicle. No, I wasn’t driving.

Boston Sky

Just a quick snap of a piece of the Boston sky line. I was down town to meet with a vendor, and happened to have my camera with me. It was too cold to do more than snap a few quick photos. I like the lines on this one.