Boston Strong

Some of my favorite shots from Boston from the last few years. Just throwing these up as I think about the cowards who messed with the wrong town. Click an image for full size, then use the arrows on the bottom right corner to scroll through.









bum squad


  1. Hi,

    Good to see this.

    All the best.

  2. Hi James

    Wonderful photos. I really should take the time to grab my Canon 400D and take some magnificent photos myself. What equipment do you use?

  3. Hello James
    These are really very nice photographs. I am also learning about photography in an institute. If you have any tips for novices in Photography like me Please share…

  4. Simona says:

    In the light of recent events, I am glad that people are very supportive and keep posting encouraging articles about Boston. I was shocked to hear of what happened and, even though I`ve never been there, I send my best thoughts to the ones involved. No person, city or country deserves to live through such a catastrophy.

  5. These are such amazing pictures. The photographer deserves our respects, isn’t that right? Thanks for sharing this with us!

  6. roberto says:

    Very nice photographs. I’m learning photography and i allways visit your web.


  7. Anushha says:

    These are the amazing shots. I truly appreciate your photography skills. Thank for sharing such a brilliant piece of work with us.

  8. marytlou says:

    Great photography I must say and with just a few clicks one can make any place look much beautiful than it actually is. Thanks for sharing your work with us and hope you will share more.

  9. robert kiyosaki says:

    awesome work-you have captured some interesting views

  10. I very much like the fisheye shot of the train station the tunnel shot is rather cool also – Nice work on these!

  11. Great photos. I like the one in the tunnel.

    All the best!

  12. Love these shots! Have you photographed the Zakim bridge at night?

  13. kosmetyki naturalne sklep says:

    I really like those 3 asses ;] Great pictures btw. Hope to see more of them soon.

  14. I love some of your angles on these shots, very impressive.

  15. Amazing photographs. Your art and sense of photography is really great. Your photographs tend to learn photography.
    Keep sharing your amazing photo shoots. Thanks.

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