Born to ride

We see a lot of bikers on the road this time of year in New Hampshire.


  1. Easy Rider 40 years (and pounds) later…..
    does look like fun!!

  2. Is the image grainy or is it my eyes?

  3. Wow, absolutely love that bike! I want one now! I don’t really, it’s far too dangerous and I’m bad enough in my car, but I still want one. I can just imagine how cool I’d look riding along on one of those. Until it starts raining and all the people in cars start laughing at me…

  4. My father would love this. He likes to go on his routine Sunday ride with his buddies too so I understand what this man is feeling. Well, not really..but my dad sure would.

  5. Amazing, absolutely love in which Bicycle! I want a single right now! I don’t truly, it’s far too dangerous and I’m poor enough in my automobile, yet My partner and I still have to have one. I can consider how awesome I’d look using alongside on one of those.

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