What is it?

Today’s photo is obviously a little more abstract. Some sort of alien antenna? Nebulous growth under a microscope? Malformed unicorn horn? What do YOU think it is?


Sunshine streams through the clouds in this photograph from New England.

Happy Labor Day

Wishing you an excellent day – whether you’re in the US and it’s Labor Day, or your somewhere else on the globe. Cheers!


Photos of a pod of dolphins that we encountered on our fishing excursion off the coast of Ocracoke Island.

Twilight in Ocracoke

I ended up with a LOT of of sky pictures. The sky is easy – it always changes, and if you wait, it’s photo worthy. Here are a few from Ocracoke’s twilight.

Look what the net drug up

Photos of some crabs we caught off the back end of the dock at the beach house we rented.

Lost Sock

I hate it when one gets left behind…


Quite possibly one of the world’s best plastic toys ever invented: Stikfas

Yellow Ribbon

Photo of a blue sky with a yellow ribbon.

Shoot from the hip

Stock photo for any blogger that needs something about watering, spring, or gardening. Not the most provocative image, but well taken, I think.