Blue Skies

This photo is all about negative space. I think the shapes in between the steel are more interesting than the structure itself.


  1. Joe Le Merou says:

    Nice !
    I like the lines and the colors.

  2. I love this picture! The blue is so pretty and the sculpture is framed so abstractly.

  3. Love that some clouds made it into the picture. I love the contrast between the hard and dark of the steel and the light softness of the white clouds.


  4. I agree with you about the negative space. I didn’t really get the picture but now that you have pointed out the negative space I have found myself just looking at it for about 5 min strait.

  5. The shapes in the steel structure appears in black and white if you look closely. Great shot!

  6. I often find the background more interesting than the foreground… this picture included. What a beautiful shot!

  7. James Moralde says:

    Interesting that I’ve just learned about the use of ‘negative space’ in composition yesterday, and here’s your pic utilizing negative space. :)

    I did a photo of my daughter with lots of negative space that emphasizes the bokeh of the background of colorful christmas lights in a store’s show room.

  8. Solid! I’m a fan of negative space. Love the black and blue.

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