Well Lit

Well Lit

Big thanks to my brother in law for being willing to shut off most of the lights in the tent so I could take this photo. Everyone but me was working hard to get the tent set up for the next day’s wedding, but the guy with pneumonia just had to get “this one really […]

Muffet Isn’t Happy

Abigail the puppy just moved in… and Muffet isn’t happy.

The List: Portsmouth Brewery

Beer List

Decisions, decision… so hard sometimes!

Twilight in Ocracoke


I ended up with a LOT of of sky pictures. The sky is easy – it always changes, and if you wait, it’s photo worthy. Here are a few from Ocracoke’s twilight.



Quite possibly one of the world’s best plastic toys ever invented: Stikfas



Several photos of sheep, taken by request.

Product shots: Tretorn Shoes

A collection of several photographs of Tretorn shoes

Cat Nap

Click the photo to see the alternate view of this image.

Making Pizza

Another one from the archives – making pizza on a Friday night.

Beaver Lake at sunrise


Enough to make you want to live in New Hampshire…