Squash Blossom (Boys?)

Maren Hatch

My sister and brother-in-law hired the Squash Blossom Boys to play their wedding (above). Singer Dustin Orbeson plays the mandolin (above) and is seen in black and white below. My uncle said he would never have chosen a blue grass group for a wedding… but it worked (above: Dustin Orbeson, and Kit Murray’s banjo (left side of […]



I snapped this photo of stenciled letters off of a passenger car on a vintage steam locomotive train. I’m not sure what significance the letters are supposed to have, but I thought they made for a nice image. …and since it’s been a week since I took a photo, I dug through my archives to […]

Ebony and Ivory

computer keys

Side by side in perfect harmony… or something like that. Okay, I admit it – this photo is a bit of a throw-away… but I’ve been hanging on to these jars full of black and white computer keys forever, and I’m not sure what else to do with them… so it’s time to get rid […]

Alien invasion

orange peels

A black and white photo of an alien invasion.

Or Clementine orange peels. One of the two, I’m sure of it.

Self Portrait

Kissy kissy!

I had a lot of fun getting ready for this self portrait, and would have been disappointed in the results if not for the power of Adobe’s Lightroom software to really punch the contrast in this last installment of Black and White week.

Night Sky

Night Sky

Today’s entry to Black and White week brings us an image of the night sky – but no stars. See how black and white processing can make a misty evening seem more dramatic.

Snake in the Grass


Today’s post continues black and white week with a photo of a snake skin in a local cemetery. Notice how much the contrast improves as it converts from color to monochrome.

iPhone 4

Black and White week continues, with today’s photo of an iPhone 4. I like the packaging Apple is using this day, and it made for an interesting subject.

Men’s Room


Black and White week continues with a gritty image of the men’s room.

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

Black and White Week on j.ronald.lee brings you a photo of Creature Comforts. Specifically… toilet paper? Yup. Toilet paper.