Birds in Flight


We had some pretty decent late snow storms this winter, and on one of the days, I tried my hand at catching the birds as they flew too and from the bird feeder. I was not as successful as I would have liked! Here are two that weren’t all together bad.

Araucana chick


This is Charlie. She’s an Araucana chick, about one week old in this photo. She and her two nest-mates (another Auracana named Pete Mitchell and a Welles Sommer named Ramekin) will stop being cute in another week or two. Time is of the essence! What kind of “cute chick” photos should I be taking? The opportunity […]

For the Birds

for the birds

It’s been a bit gray the past few days, so here’s something with a bit more color in it: a bird house photo I took while waiting for my family to arrive for dinner.

Sandhill Cranes (grus canadensis)

landing sandhill crane

Several photos of sandhill cranes (grus canadensis) taken at the Bosque del Apache wildlife refuge which is south of Albuquerque, near the white sands missile range in New Mexico. I cropped the second photo, but the rest are full frame images. Not bad for the (relatively) inexpensive Nikkor 70-300 I own. I saw a lot […]

Guinea Fowl

guinea fowl

What is a guinea fowl? Part bird? Part dinosaur? Part rhinoceros? You decide… but here’s a photo to help you.

Brown Pelicans Hunting


Not just synchronized pelicans… I have photos of hunting pelicans. Click the pic to see ‘em!

White Heron


Spotted across the canal that run from the house we rented to the Atlantic Ocean – a white heron.



When we went fishing with Captain Norman of the Rascal, we got a chance to see some wildlife. Here’s picture of an Osprey we zipped by.

Ocracoke Sunset

sandpiper sunset

Photos of the sky at sunset on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

At the Bird Feeder


A goldfinch tells a white breasted nuthatch what is what in this series of photos.