To the Beach

This photo is from the archive, but I’m just back from some well needed R&R at the beach. More on that later – I’m anxious to get back to work, and the day is young, so I’m headed into the office with a great attitude and a fresh tan (even wearing SPF 50 sun screen […]

Snails on the Beach

Part two from my trip to York, Maine’s Long Beach. I’m going to try to go back soon to see if I can get a better close up photo.

Snail Bokeh

Snail Bokeh: A photo of the snails on Long Beach, York, Maine.

Sand, Ocean, Sky, Sun

A winter time photo from the beach in New Hampshire – earth, sky, water, fire… all in one picture.

Ocracoke Sunrise

Three photos of Ocracoke’s lonely beach at sunrise.

Baby Turtles Sleep Here

Photographs of Ocracoke Island’s beach, including a turtle nesting ground.

Starfish Microcosm

We went to the beach, and she said she was going to catch a starfish… and she did.

Destruction from above!

A photo from Hampton Beach, New Hampshire; one of the rocks in the ocean is a popular spot for the gulls.


Photo of my father’s reflection as he walks along the beach in Hampton, New Hampshire.

Time on my Hands

An hourglass without the glass, perhaps?