Backyard Ice Rink

138 board feet of lumber, a mutt, a pair of rubber boots, two used billboards fused into a tarp, and twenty tons of water. In this photo, I am wading in to clear out branches that fell in the ice rink prior to it freezing over. That was this morning. Now there’s almost an inch of ice on top – the temp has dropped well below freezing.

(non-US: Just over 19,300 kilograms of water to fill the rink)

I have to admit – I was a little nervous about the idea of using two used billboards fused together to hold that much water, but Zeke over at Billboard Tarps assured me that they would work, and that I wouldn’t be the first to go this path. Let’s face it, that’s a lot of weight… and the tarps are holding up just fine.


  1. That is determination. lol

    I saw something on the news about the massive winter weather in the United States right now, and a man was gone on vacation. When he returned, a main water line had busted and his whole house was encased in ice. Now that is an ice rink I wouldn’t want. lol

  2. Wow, that’s awesome. It’s crazy what they can make out of billboards these days. Waterproof messengerbags, backyard ice rinks… what next? In the city I live in in Norway, the sidewalks are covered in an inch of ice. It’s hazardous!

  3. This is amazing. Where I live it never gets cold enough to support that kind of thing — I’m very jealous.

  4. I’ve always thought that billboard are a bit smaller – lol
    But can I ask you? Where did you get them?

    • I edited the original post – there’s a link to the web site now at the bottom. Much cheaper than a regular tarp of the same size.

      The billboards are 48 feet by 14 feet (14.6 m by 4.3 m) before being fused together. They’re heavy!

  5. Are you actually going to skate on it? We need pics : )
    When I lived in Amsterdam it was fun to watch people skating on the canals when they froze over. I don’t miss the cold though…

  6. TJ McDowell says:

    SWEET! We had freezing rain here this past week, so I could have skated on my driveway. Probably hills and ice skates aren’t a good combination though.

  7. I love it – but that does not take much from me – anything hockey is good for me (Go Sabres). I wish I could have something like that at my house but I have a side yard instead of a backyard (have a corner lot) and it just would not be right…Maybe next time I buy a house!!

  8. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    This one make me lol… hahaha

  9. So much work but so worth it!

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