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They say that in 140 years of recorded history, there has not been more snow in the state of New Hampshire in the month of October. We took eight inches of snow, and while the phone company continues to deliver service in the face of every storm, the electric company is saying this will be […]


Tonight I played with a macro lens, an off-camera strobe, and a candle. Light the candle, wait two minutes, blow it out, take two photos, and repeat as needed. I took a lot of shots, but this one was my favorite. I’d like to do this again, as I don’t feel like I got the […]

Spirit Day 2011

  It’s Spirit Day (click to learn more), and in support of the LGBT community, many people wore purple shirts. Me, I can’t really wear purple. My skin gets an orange tint around too much purple… so I bought a tie instead. Why do we need to support the LGBT community? Are you Lesbian, Gay, […]

The Doctor’s Files

You’ve probably seen these before – the neat, orderly row of files at a doctor’s office. They always look so neat and orderly to me. I like visual patterns, especially when there’s a break in them, such as we see here with the case of the mysterious Mr. and Mrs. F7801.

Fair Ride, 2011

About a year ago, I posted a couple pictures of this ride. Today I took photos of the same ride, but after dark. I like how they turned out. These first two images are down by a fog machine, and the last is up high above. Once again, I didn’t ride. It’s called the “Freak […]

Dog in the Surf

We took Abigail to the beach a couple weeks ago to try ocean fetch, and she absolutely loved it. I was surprised at how warm the water was. After Labor Day, you just don’t see people jumping in the ocean in New England. Still, I walked in the low waters, and it felt good.


This photo was shot through a glass window. The moth landed on the glass, and didn’t seem to mind how close I was getting with my big macro lens. EDIT: Found this video and thought it worth sharing. Check it out!