Archives for October 2009

Apple trees in the mist

Something I pass every day on the way to work turned magical this morning.

The sentinel

Someone waits for me to get home every night…

Fall maple leaf close up

Group shot of maple leaves

If the bundt cake pan could talk…

Talking bundt cake pan.

Bundt cake sticky buns

Click the photo for the recipe. Yummy!

Consuelo’s Tacos

Delicious tacos from Manchester’s own, Consuelo’s.

Rock wall and forest

Today it snowed a few flakes – first of the season. Spread so far apart that none showed up in any of the shots I took…

United Airlines plane with hole in the wall

There’s a hole in the wall of the United Airlines jet I flew yesterday. They tried to fix it with tape.

It didn’t work.

Chipmunk hunter

Muffet is perched on the big granite boulder in front of the house. Across the street, a chipmunk is squeaking. Muffet is poised to investigate (stupid chipmunk better not end up dead in my living room tonight).

Fungus on a branch

fungus on a branch, originally uploaded by jronaldlee. Some rights reserved: CC BY 2.0. The girls and I went stumping in the woods today, and I was playing with a new point-n-shoot I picked up from Ritz (less than $80 – what a deal!). Most of the shots show that I had never used the […]