Archives for October 2009

Sun Devil jack-o-lantern

Halloween 2009, I carved a Sparky inspired jack-o-lantern to commemorate ASU’s homecoming which ends today.

Sun Devil foliage

In honor of ASU’s homecoming game, I took this shot with foliage in colors that reminded me of the Sun Devils.

Pumpkins for sale

Pumpkins for sale! Pumpkins for sale! The large ones are only 59 cents a pound at the J & F Farms in Derry, New Hampshire. Ahhh, October.

Pumpkins in a green house

A sea of pumpkins stretches across a greenhouse at the J & F Farm in Derry, New Hampshire

Siloh in the mist

A siloh stands in the mist in Chester, New Hampshire.

Equality March DC 2009

Equality March DC 2009, originally uploaded by Paul Frederiksen. Some rights reserved: CC BY 2.0. I didn’t take this photo – but it speaks on many levels. The photography skill is impressive… but what else is present?

Maple tree with lady bug

A maple tree started growing between my driveway and garage this year. I let it grow, and it’s finally turning red. When the leaves fall, I will go ahead and pull it out…

Still life with lag bolts

A group of freshly painted black lag bolts inspired me this morning. This set of shots is kind of what I had in mind when I started shooting photos. I’m really pleased with how they turned out.

Claire’s Clohn Art

From the mad genius at Clohn Art…

Still life with work boots

Steel toed boots with a bit of caulk on them.