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November Fungus

We went walking in the woods this weekend, and I brought my camera along. Luckly, I brought my flash, too. In this shot, I held it in my left hand as far away from me as possible when I took the picture, and set the camera to underexpose the image slightly. I like the way […]


How to levitate dice, in 58 easy steps. 1 to 57: Have your assistant gently throw the dice in the air, snap photo, fail. Step 58: Same as steps 1-57, but omit the fail. Sometimes persistence is what gets you the shot you want. This is one of those times. Technical photo details: 1/200 second […]


I snapped this photo of stenciled letters off of a passenger car on a vintage steam locomotive train. I’m not sure what significance the letters are supposed to have, but I thought they made for a nice image. …and since it’s been a week since I took a photo, I dug through my archives to […]

Flowers and Bees In Flight

I took a few shots of bees buzzing around some flowers this summer on a trip to Virginia, and for some reason, haven’t posted them yet. Here are a couple photos that I thought turned out well. My tips for taking photos of flying insects? Take lots and lots of pictures Use a smaller aperture, […]

Ebony and Ivory

Side by side in perfect harmony… or something like that. Okay, I admit it – this photo is a bit of a throw-away… but I’ve been hanging on to these jars full of black and white computer keys forever, and I’m not sure what else to do with them… so it’s time to get rid […]


I do enjoy a nice snake every now and again. Especially when I know the serpent in question cannot hurt me. This is a harmless Garter Snake. We found Sumo playing with it on the drive way about ten days ago. Back before it started snowing in New Hampshire. I was really quite happy with […]