Archives for November 2010

Tea for One

A hot cup of tea with the sun shining just so – and the sugar I hoped to photograph quickly dissolved away. Still, the resulting image was a good one.

And DON’T come BACK!

When you’re ready to move on… or rather, for someone else to move on.

Happy Thanksgiving, 2010

I wish you a happy, peaceful thanksgiving, one that is filled with contentment, and if possible, joy.

Almost Brilliant

A photo of a box of light bulbs. Fluorescents, incandescents, halogens, floods, et cetera. Made for a cool photo when lit by LEDs.


Zero. Zilch. Nada. That’s about how inspired I am to blog today (this week, in point of fact). In honor of this inspired output, I bring you nothing.

I mean zero.

Where’s My Cow?

It’s a bit of a wacky list on the old Monthly Scavenger Hunt, with clues like “Where’s My Cow?” making the cut… I’m a little bit surprised that this photo wasn’t taken by someone else before I did it. I usually finish the hunt on the last day of the month, but with Thanksgiving and guests […]

Pumpkins Bounce

What’s more fun than carving nine jack-o-lanterns with power tools? Throwing them out the window after Halloween!

Pedal Power

Gore-Tex lined orange Tretorn high tops and an Orange Schwinn… each made better by the other. The ensemble is rounded off by a pair of hand made, boot cut Lucky Brand Jeans. Good stuff all around.

Self Portrait

I had a lot of fun getting ready for this self portrait, and would have been disappointed in the results if not for the power of Adobe’s Lightroom software to really punch the contrast in this last installment of Black and White week.

Night Sky

Today’s entry to Black and White week brings us an image of the night sky – but no stars. See how black and white processing can make a misty evening seem more dramatic.