Archives for November 2009

Mystic Pizza

Mystic Pizza, the restaurant behind the movie, in Mystic, Connecticut. Road trip meal number one!

Orchids (macro)

A macro shot of the orchids growing in my mother-in-law’s dining room.

Barren Oak

Oak branches bereft of leaves stretch to a somber sky

Fresh fruit and juice bar

A garden plot in the Berkeley community garden of Boston, MA.

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

Sun sugar tomatoes from the garden this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Chester pound

The town of Chester’s pound, constructed in 1806, is still in pretty good shape 203 years later.

Owen lived here

Owen the rabbit’s “dog house” sits in the woods waiting for someone to move in.

Sack lunch with tuna

Tuna fish salad? Check. Whole wheat saltines? Check. Diet Coke? Good to go…

Portsmouth Brewery

A collection of several brews from Portsmouth Brewery, served on a plank.

Soldier’s Monument in Chester, New Hampshire

Soldier’s Monument, in Chester, New Hampshire. Erected in 1904.