Archives for May 2010

Lulu the Eyelook Optical pup

A photo of Lulu, the lucky pup who gets to be the shop dog at Eyelook Optical.

Rambling Roses

Photographs of roses and rose buds, one in color, one black and white.

Clock Tower

Taken at The North Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, this photo is part of the church’s steeple.

Boots – and shooting RAW

Frye Harness Boots on a stool; photo taken in raw mode.

Persian Rug

We found this gem at an auction… it’s a big rug, about twelve feet long. A little worn in a couple of spots, but nothing that subtracts from our enjoyment. For an antique Persian hand woven wool rug, it was a steal.

Holy, Mackerel!

A pair of nigiri, mackerel, to be specific.

March Crocuses

It’s only May, but they’re long gone, except in photos.

Best Friends

By request, Madeline and Lucy

Grape seed oil

Grape seed oil is, in my opinion, an undiscovered delight here in the United States.

Happy Mother’s Day

Photo of grape hyacinth for Mother’s Day