Archives for May 2010

Memorial Day

Thank you. You know who you are…

Egg Basket

Don’t worry, this photo isn’t all of my eggs in one basket (it’s too small).

Full Service, We Deliver

A Burlington, MA store advertises full service, we deliver… funerals?

Lovin’ the Lawn

A wahini catches some waves on the dashboard of our lawn mower.


Quite possibly one of the world’s best plastic toys ever invented: Stikfas

Yellow Ribbon

Photo of a blue sky with a yellow ribbon.

Croquet in Heels

Photo of red high heel shoes on the croquet field.

Action Frog

Three more photos of frogs… worth looking at; they’re pretty cool.

Sunny Side of the Street

Photo of a group of teens sitting on the steps of the North Church in Portsmouth, NH

Cat and Mouse

Photo of a cat and a mouse… one of ’em didn’t quite make it.