Archives for March 2010

Hampton fire

This fire hydrant ended up more scorched than used during the fire of February 26, 2010.

Scrapple (or, the Pennsylvania Dutch are crazy)

Scrapple, a delicacy of the Pennsylvania Dutch, is made from the leftover parts when what is edible is removed from the pig.

Garden gnome

Guest photo by Sophie Rouge.

Trapped raccoon

This raccoon went for the wrong can of tuna. Trapped!

Brooklyn Local #2

This, my friends, is an excellent brew.

Why it’s a fail trail

Detail photo with exposure gaps on a star trail.

Dude… I’m old.

Yay for carrot cake! Yay for candles! Yay for birthdays!


The geese are quite happy the ice melted.

Fail Trail

My first attempt at a star trail with an intervalometer.

Miniature pine cones

A view from by the woodshed.