Archives for March 2010

Candy Fish

Photo of a school of colorful candy fish.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals with a smile.

We Are Ninja!

A sign in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Pepe and Pasquale

Just a couple of PUMA penguins looking for something to eat at the Naked Fish.

Making Pizza

Another one from the archives – making pizza on a Friday night.

Sculptures at the Louvre

A photo of one of the sculpture halls at the Musee Du Louvre in Paris, France.

US Health Care Reform

Click here to read more about health care reform in the US.

Banded Canadian Goose

A Canadian Goose sorts a neck band as part of a census project.

Beaver Lake at sunrise

Enough to make you want to live in New Hampshire…

Star Trails from 3/6

I’m getting better at this. Taken with the TR-M intervalometer from Satechi set to 40 second exposures (168 total images stacked with startrails software). ISO 400, F 3.5, 18-105mm Nikon kit lens at 18mm.