Archives for July 2011


Photo of stairs of a home whose roof has been removed.

ISA Brown

One of the girls – a photo of an ISO Brown chicken from the flock that roams my property.

Still Life with Pears

A photo of seven pears on a black background, this image was inspired by an oil painting with similar subject matter.

So long, and thanks for all the pollen

A bee flies away from purple flowers where it just dined.

There be Eggs Here!

A photo of our first eggs. We have six free range chickens, and as of this week, they’re old enough to start laying. Huzzah!

Summertime Peas

One of my favorite things about summer? Fresh peas! They’re so good!

the Caponier Stairs

Dark reflections at the bottom of the stairs taken at Fort McClary, Portsmouth, NH

Rubber and Steel

It’s a little warm in New Hampshire for snow chains, but that’s what these are. Picture a salad plate… that’s how large the two big rings on these chains are. I can only imagine what a set of snow chains like these cost! I took this photo on a piece of old logging equipment that […]


Photo of a tent spike. The part sticking out of the ground was two feet long and the diameter of a quarter. I bet it weighs a LOT!    

The eye has it

This is an eye someone could get lost in, and never find their way back. I’m mostly happy with the eyelash reflection on the lens. What do you think? [EDIT] In light of the conversation below, here’s the color version. Click for full size.