Archives for July 2010

Twilight in Ocracoke

I ended up with a LOT of of sky pictures. The sky is easy – it always changes, and if you wait, it’s photo worthy. Here are a few from Ocracoke’s twilight.

Fish from the dock

More photos of what we caught from the dock: Mud guppies, a northern puffer fish, and a pipe fish.

Look what the net drug up

Photos of some crabs we caught off the back end of the dock at the beach house we rented.

Four nets

Four kids, four pairs of flip flops, and four nets on our Ocracoke vacation.

First things first…

If you’re going to Ocracoke, probably the best way to get there is by ferry. Figured I should throw some ferry shots up before I do any more vacation photos.

Road Trip!

With a week long trip to Ocracoke Island, NC on the books, you pack a lot of gear (and work up quite the appetite!).

Getting organized

I’ve been home about five days now, and I finally have all my images organized. Stay tuned!

Crab on a stick

The first of many photos from my Ocracoke vacation: a crab we caught on the driveway.

Have a nice day

Claire says I ruined this photo with the sticker…

Lost Sock

I hate it when one gets left behind…