Archives for July 2010

On the Widow’s Walk

Our Ocracoke vacation rental had a Widow’s Walk on the roof.


Pictures of mama duck and some of her babies.

Let’s Eat!

Photos from one of the feasts on Ocracoke Island: fish, steak, sausage, potatoes, shrimp, coleslaw, corn, and more. Delicious!

Good Eats

We ate very well on our trip to Ocracoke. My brother-in-law is a chef, so that was a bonus right off the bat. Mackerel, steaks, shrimp, coleslaw… it goes on and on.

Atlantic View

The last of the photos from the Rascal, Captain Norm’s fishing boat.

More Brown Pelicans

If you clean your fish at the dock, a group of brown pelicans will come and beg for scraps.


Photos of a pod of dolphins that we encountered on our fishing excursion off the coast of Ocracoke Island.

Brown Pelicans over the Sea

Photograph of two brown pelicans on top of a ferry lane marker.


When we went fishing with Captain Norman of the Rascal, we got a chance to see some wildlife. Here’s picture of an Osprey we zipped by.

Ocracoke Sunset

Photos of the sky at sunset on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina