Archives for July 2009

New England Flowers

I do not know the names for all of these flowers, but they’re coming up so nicely now that we’ve had some sunny days, I knew some people would want to see them. Photos taken on July 27 with an iPhone. Click thumbnails to enlarge.

Pygmy Shrew: World’s Second Smallest Mammal

When I put this blog up, I did NOT expect it to end up being the New England Nature Channel… but when Muffet gave us a full grown live Pygmy Shrew yesterday, I could not resist posting a little video. Enjoy. Best part comes at about 1:15. The Pygmy Shrew is the second smallest mammal, […]

Cat and chipmunk video – Muffet doing what he does best.

Another nature film, this time it’s Muffet the cat chomping a New England chipmunk on the back deck on Independence Day. Not as graphic as the last video.

Video of cat eating a Lemming

Nature photography at its finest. In my house. Enjoy the video of Merkel the house cat eating a southern bog lemming, taken just seconds after she killed it by chomping its rib cage repeatedly. (lighting by Vivienne)