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Love for sale

Yoda is a three year old pointer mix at the Lowell Humane Society.


Simple still life with citrus. 1/28/10: Found this in use at a cocktail hour web page.


Just a squirrel with a peanut off the back deck of the house in Chester, NH

Trees in the night

My first attempt at some long exposure night time photography. This one is a 30 second exposure of snow covered trees.

User’s Manual

Nikon D90 User’s Manual

Nikon D90

New Nikon D90, sponsored in part by a gift from my parents.


Sheet music


Thistle in a public garden in Boston, taken in November.

Caution – steps may be slippery

Snow and icicles cover the steps to the front door.

Lamps in the snow

Lamps covered in snow.