Archives for February 2011

Perfection (again)

From a photographer’s point of view, the appeal to the game Perfection is in trying to snap the photo when all the pieces are in the air.

Now What?

I took this photo on a day when I wasn’t sure what to take. Question marks and puzzle pieces.

Tree, Sky

Back in New Mexico, the skies still know how to share blue, and even though it’s winter, there is still some warmth to be found.

Happy Valentine’s Day

The photo above? This ridiculous heart shaped foo-foo donut now being served at Dunkin Donuts. Cream filled and covered with heart shaped jimmies.

Cottonwood and stars

A cottonwood tree and the New Mexico sky behind it. A beautiful star photo.

Pins and Needle

I like the way this one turned out, but I think it would have benefited from tripod treatment instead of being hand held.